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Shanghai Tian Yin Violin Making Co., Ltd.

office.JPG (23821 bytes)The current president and founding father of Tian Yin Violin Making Co., is Mr. Shunbao Chen. The Chen family began making instruments in 1938, and Shunbao together with his three older bothers have all, at one time or another, worked in state-operated instrument making. He began his study of music at six, performed professionally at 21, and began making instruments at 28. He has researched violin making, varnishing and the scientific study of sound for both the China Shangai Violin Factory, and the State Light Industrial Ministry.

In 1990 Shunbao founded Shanghi Symphony Music Company, and Tianyin Violin Making Co., Ltd. The company has gathered together top violin makers and has trained a new generation of makers. They are constantly developing new products and researching the best methods of hand crafted violin making, always seeking a pleasing tone and quality workmanship.

The company has had enthusiastic support and assistance from Peter Biddulph and the British Violin Dealers Associatiion. Peter organized a group of experts that made a special trip to Shanghai to provide various tutorials to the makers at Shanghai Tian Yin Violin Making Co. The company is also a member of NAMM International Music Product Association.

Our hand crafted instruments, which include Violin, Viola and Cello, are now sold in South East Asia, Europe and the America’s and have enjoyed favorable customer reviews.

"Sixty Years of Instrument Making Experience
Gathering the Top Shanghai Violin-makers
Together Seeking the Perfect Tone

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