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 for demanding players

Brian Lisus has been  making string instruments professionally in South Africa for the past seventeen years, after completing his training at the Newark School of Violin Making in England. His instruments are used by top professionals in Canada, England, USA, Taiwan, Chile, New Zealand & South Africa.

As an individualist Brian creates and designs his instruments from his own perspective drawing on the great Cremonese School for inspiration.

." I keep changing the finer details as my insight advances. This is all done with the tonal qualities in mind. I do keep detailed records of all the instruments I have made : arching heights, thickness, weights, etc. So as I look back over the years I might like the lower register on a violin made 15 years ago and compare it with one of similar qualities made 5 years ago, to see if there are any corresponding measurements and apply the correlation to my current instrument. This has all been possible as I have maintained the same "system" for making all my instruments . The final finishing though is still done entirely by feel. "

He uses only the finest wood imported from Europe and makes his varnish from natural materials available in the 17th century. Brian adds an African touch to his instruments by using " stinkwood " for the purfling.

"I took off half of last year to further my research, realizing that to get close to Cremonese instruments is only possible using 17th century materials.   This led me on a wonderful adventure : constructing a primitive distilling plant,making traditional Indian Yellow
( collecting urine from cows fed on mango leaves), contacting Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens about " Weld" and  going into the mountains in search of this plant, stopping on the highway at night to pick an aloe leaf. "

Brian has been well suported by the international string community who appreciate top quality instruments at reasonable prices. He has been able to maintain  these prices by selling his instruments directly to the musician , avoiding  dealers, as well as  favourable South Africa Exchange rates.
( See his web page for more details)

"Nearly all my commissioned instruments have involved the musician, sharing in the whole process, choosing a name , personal set-up preferences , etc. I sometimes feel as if they are right there in the workshop ( even if our only correspondence has been at the other end of the world via fax ), as every instrument somehow turns out to have the exact quality of sound they desire. This is still a great mystery to me, as working more by feel than science one can not analysize this logically. "

Brian has his own   Award Winning Web Page , including -  informal chat about his violin making career , reviews by acclaimed musicians who play his instruments, clear, detailed photographs and numerous high quality sound clips in wav and MP3 format.

DAVID JURITZ studied at the Royal College of Music in London where he won the Tagore Gold Medal. His concert performances include appearances in Switzerland, 
Italy, London Barbican, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Royal Albert Festival Hall. He is currently concertmaster of the London Mozart Players. 

" When I commissioned my violin from Brian Lisus we spent some time talking about what I was looking for in an instrument. Six years on I have to say I am delighted with the outcome of our discussion. I have played my Lisus violin in both orchestral and chamber groups and have found it to be an instrument of great character, combining a flexible sound with real carrying power. It is a responsive violin with a tone that is even and rich throughout it's range. As I expected of a superb craftsman, he has produced a fiddle that is easy on the eye as well as being most rewarding to play " 

PROFESSOR WALTER MONY  is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in London
and at an early age was sub principal of the London Symphony Orchestra. He is now
professor emeritus at Wits University . He spends two months each year giving master
classes at leading universities in the USA. 
" The violin made for me by Brian Lisus in 1988 entitled   ' Mechaieh'   matches the
husky, sensuousness of my French violin ( Nicholas Lupot ) and the scintillating
brilliance of my Italian   ( Pressenda ). "
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