The Department

The two hundred year old tradition of musical Instruments sales in London began before Beethoven wrote his First Symphony. Many great instruments and much business have attracted collectors musicians and merchants, during this period. The London auctions are famous world wide for their scope, variety and networking opportunities. Among the many instruments we offer are:

19th century and earlier Guitars, Mandolins, Woodwind and Brass
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Bonhams hold six auctions of stringed instruments each year in London. There are also five Piano Auctions held a year.

Contact the department

For further information about the department or to register your interests, please contact the department via telephone or email with your contact details and interests. If you would like a free preliminary appraisal, please include a photograph, description and dimensions of the item.

Philip Scott, Director of Musical Instruments
+44 (0)20 7468 8380

Pippa Wilkins, Administrator, New Bond Street
Tel. +44 (0)207 4688 227
+44 (0)207 4650 223


Visti Bonhams web site at for updated Auction information and details.