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In Topic: Tarisio Licensing Problem

04 March 2015 - 09:37 PM

Dear Mark,


That's a good question - we have not delayed payment to consignors in the December sale, and will not for the February or May auctions. We're glad you asked so it could be addressed for everyone.


Our last conversations with New York State DEC made it clear they are navigating a new law with unintended consequences and unclear intentions. I don't mean to suggest we send them flowers in sympathy (!) but I mention it as a glimpse into their delays.


We've offered bidders in December and February the options of 1) receiving their bows without tips and a $150 credit, 2) letting us coordinate a new (legal) tip on their behalf before shipment asap, or 3) electing to delay their own shipments until NYS may issue a license.


This is as pressing as ever to us. We plan to provide clear information and updates before the fine May sale begins, and I invite anyone to contact me with general or specific questions. I'll share whatever I know.






(212) 307 7224

In Topic: Tarisio Licensing Problem

30 January 2015 - 04:14 PM

Hi Henrypeacham,

Our sincere apologies for not being allowed to deliver your December bows yet! New York State Law A10143 passed on August 12, 2014, effectively banning the trade of mammoth and elephant ivory, with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is musical instruments. That is very good news for the trade of fine instruments and bows, but the law still requires a license from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

We immediately procured a license for the October sale and executed it legally and without complication. We applied for the December sale on November 7, and only days before the auction ended did NYSDEC begin a review of the licensing process with tighter standards.

Over the last two months we've been asked for more information to supplement the application and to satisfy the state's new standards. We respond immediately, and the state takes more time. We're working closely with our legal team and a few well-meaning NYSDEC employees. 

We're very sorry that some of this remains out of our control for the moment. I can't agree more that the law, or at least their practice of enforcement at this moment, is a burden. We're committed to remaining on the right side of the law, and I think the delays are the result of a learning curve on the part of the NYS DEC. We expect to develop an application/licensing routine that has no impact on bidders. We want you to bid without concern for the license and expect that will be possible.
I'm available at Tarisio at (212) 307 7224 if you have any other questions about the law. I'lll tell you what I know!


Ethan Ladd
Executive Manager
PS - Regarding the ETA for the December license and the outlook for February: We are told NYSDEC will meet with its legal counsel on February 6 as the next step. I will post with good news ASAP. Thanks!

In Topic: Tarisio changes end date of August auction

14 August 2014 - 12:41 PM

Hi Chris,


That would be shameful. Luckily that's not the case and the problem with load times was disappointingly widespread (again). We're working hard to fix it and need to ask for the benefit of your doubt.


Your bid will be still be accepted. Please do call or email if you'd like to discuss your concerns! Thanks!





(212) 307-7224

In Topic: Tarisio changes end date of August auction

06 August 2014 - 12:01 PM

As soon as possible!

In Topic: Tarisio changes end date of August auction

06 August 2014 - 10:19 AM

Hi Rick!

Hello fellow Maestronetters!


Sorry for the confusion here. Doing anything to the sales, especially on the last day of bidding, is our least favorite thing to do! The load times on the website were too long and the problem was too widespread to hold an auction so we sent this email to all registered bidders this morning:



Subject: Sale Postponed - August 2014 now ending 1 week later


Dear Bidder,

You may have noticed some technical difficulty on the website this morning. We apologize!

We want to ensure smooth and reliable bidding for everyone and have delayed the August 2014 Sale End by 1 week.

Lots now close on Wednesday & Thursday, August 13 & 14.
Ending times on those days remain the same as before.


Apologies again for the inconvenience. Please contact us at info@tarisio.com with any questions.

Best wishes,



Certainly give us a call or email as invited above if you have any other questions!


Best wishes,




(212) 307-7224