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How do I make the Æ symbol?

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#1 Stephen Fine

Stephen Fine


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Posted 04 March 2000 - 12:49 AM

Well? How do I make the Æ symbol (BTW... I'm cutting and pasting to get it up here)

#2 Dognut


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Posted 04 March 2000 - 08:04 AM

In arial font Alt+0198

It's been a while - you have to hold down the alt key, then key in the numbers - this is where it gets foggy - it only works either with the numbers on the numberpad or just with the numbers on the main keyboard. I'm using my hubby's laptop right at this moment and it's acting up or I would test it out :-)

If you are using Win95/98 - go to the Accessories folder under Programs on the Start menu - there is a program called Character Map. Your symbol is in Arial font - it may be in others, but I found it there.

#3 Mairead



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Posted 04 March 2000 - 08:23 AM

It's only the keypad numbers that work. Hold down alt, and type in the numbers, including the leading zero.

And the charmap utility is also handy. The æ char (and all the rest) appear in any Windows font that supports West-European languages, not just Arial. Select the char you want, copy to the clipboard, and paste as you did to get the Æ.

If you frequently use non-English characters, as I do, and you are running Windows, you can set your whole keyboard to English-International layout, at which point you can type them using micro sequences: to get ä, for example, type "a. Some micro sequences aren't especially intuitive -- to get Æ, hold down shift-ctl-alt and press z Interestingly, not all of them can be used in Maestronet, I notice...I just tried to type the German 'ess-tset' (sz ligature, used for ss, ctl-alt-s) and couldn't.

Hope that helps.

#4 MuzkGuy


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Posted 04 March 2000 - 12:40 PM

On a Mac, the key combination is shift-option-'

That is to say, hold down the "shift" and "option" key then type the "quote" or "apostrophe" key.

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