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The future of the Australian National Academy of Music

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Posted 29 October 2008 - 06:41 AM

Hi All

Please have a read. I felt strongly about what is happening to the arts funding in Australia, therefore, I am sending this out. I am not sure if this is the correct forum but I would like your help to sign the petition.

A brief background: Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is the elite school for music education in Melbourne. It has existed for a while and it has produced some of the most brilliant violinists in Australia.

If you like, you can sign their online petition www.anam.com.au.

Many thanks.


> The future of the Australian National Academy of Music is in your
> hands
> What's happening at the Academy?
> You might have heard in the media that the federal government has just
> announced that they will not be funding the Australian National
> Academy of

> Music in 2009. This has come as a considerable shock to the Academy's
> faculty, student and alumni body, and management. Minister Garrett has
> concerns that "the Academy may not be the most effective nor efficient
> model for the delivery of national programs supporting elite level
> classical music training", and has asked his Department to "investigate
> alternative options". The federal government has provided unchanged
> funding support to the Academy of around $2.5m over a number of years.
> What does this mean for the Academy?
> The federal government's funding provides the Academy with the means
> to
> provide a program for Australia's elite young musicians. Without it, the
> Academy would be unable to pay it's faculty; it's visiting national and
> international artists and it's staff, let alone run the operations
> necessary to provide Academy musicians with the challenges and spaces they

> need to develop their skills. Whilst various conservatoria and music
> faculties in universities offer terrific degrees in music performance, it
> is only at the Academy that musicians can immerse themselves intensively
> into training that will make them ready to tackle life as a professional
> musician. The Academy is the only institution in Australia that allows
> musicians unfettered access to their principal teachers, and the only
> place that brings together visiting artists from around Australia and
> overseas to spark their imaginations. This year alone pianist Emanuel Ax,
> the Julliard Quartet and tenor Steve Davislim provided a totally unique
> experience for Academy musicians.
> What's the long term picture?
> Without funding, the Academy cannot exist. The Academy is currently a
> significant feeder into the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the
> Australian Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, the Queensland
> Orchestra, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the West Australian
> Symphony Orchestra, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra
> Victoria, the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony,
> amongst others. In fact, Academy woodwind players currently occupy
> seven principal positions in Australian professional symphony
> orchestras around the country. So without an Academy, there will be no
> place for the most elite of Australia's top musicians to intensively
> prepare themselves for musical employment, and our orchestras and
> concert platforms will be all the poorer for it.
> What is the Academy doing about it?
> The Academy is continuing discussions with Minister Garrett with a
> hope to
> come to an agreement whereby the Academy can continue it's operations in
> 2009 and beyond. We're also garnering as much support as possible from our

> friends and supporters to demonstrate that the Academy is an important
> place for Australian musicians, and critical to the continued success of
> Australia's orchestras and cultural life.
> We have, however, had to put a hold on any planning for 2009. Until we
> have the funds to continue, we cannot make any plans. This means that
> all the applicants to the 2009 program, the current students, the
> teaching faculty and the management are rapidly considering a future
> without the Academy after 31 December 2008.
> How can I help?
> Show your support of the Academy! The more people who show their
> commitment to enriching Australia's cultural heritage, the better.
> You can send your thoughts to Minister Garrett: The Hon Peter Garrett
> AM
> MP
> Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
> Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600
> Tel: (02) 6277 7640 Fax: (02) 6273 6101
> http://www.alp.org.a...rrett_peter.php
> Or post your comments at
> http://www.aph.gov.a...back.asp?id=HV4
> Please contact the Managing Director, Robert Clarke if you'd like to
> pledge your financial support on 03 9645 7911
> Don't forget to give your contact email address to the Academy so we
> can
> keep you updated on our progress.

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