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Anton Schuster

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The lable in my violin reads "ANTON SCHUSTER Hand Made Germany. My mother played it in the fifties/sixties, so I know that it is at least that old. To my knowledge, there are no serial numbers or identification marks, besides the already mentioned lable. There are very few scratches and the redish varnish has little or no cracks, although there is some yellowing which I suppose is simply due to wear. When I buy new strings for it or show it to another violin player, they sometimes cannot decide if it is a full sized violin or a 3/4 sized one. It seems to be in-between. the sound it makes is naturally a little louder than the other violins in my orchestras, but still very rich. I am curious as to when my violin was made (how old it is), it's approximate value (I know you would have to see it to know exactly how much it is worth), and if, perhaps, Anton Schuster made other violins of an odd size. Any information I could get would be appretiated. Also, please e-mail me any information you post so that I will be sure to get it. Thankyou, Charlotte. clttyner@hotmail.com

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