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identifying a violin maker

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Hi people at maestronet, it seems to be the biggest site talking about violins and its luthiers on the net.

A friend of mine has bought recently a 200 year (approx) violin, it has a carved signature on the back side "AL", the L is superposed to A as a logo. Im looking for some information about the violin maker... I have search the list on this site but i have no clues. Any help would be useful... thanks in advance

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For what it's worth (not very much, I must caution you): leafing through Henley, I spotted Andreas Carl Leeb as a possibility. He worked in Vienna and Pressburg from 1784 until at least 1813, and his initials were sometimes branded on the back. However, the listing doesn't say whether the branding was stylized the way you describe. Nor do you give enough information about the violin to see if it matches the listed characteristics of his work.

Your friend's best bet is to take it to an expert, which I most assuredly am not.

- Mike Stein

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Lastname Firstname From To Country

Leviel Adrien 1590 1610 France

Liovel Adrien 1600 1600 France

Libera Agostino1600 1600 France

Lauro Antonio 1608 1612 Italy

Lausa Antonio 1650 1715 Italy

Lianer Alberto 1665 1680 Italy

Lignoli Andrea 1683 1683 Italy

Lanza Antonio 1695 1715 Italy

Lidl Anton 1700 1700 Germany

Lavazza A. Maria1700 1723 Italy

Leeb Anton 1725 1725 Austria

LantonetAntoine 1745 1770 France

Lecomte Antoine 1775 1800 France

Lutz Anton 1780 1780 Bohemia

Lanz Anton 1780 1800 Bohemia

Leeb Andreas C. 1784 1813 Austria

Lautenbacher A. 1802 1802 Germany

Lehrer Anton 1813 1813 Bohemia

Lagarde Antoine 1825 1840 France

Lutz Anton 1840 1870 Bohemia

Luzzini Angelo 1840 1848 Italy

LennmarckAnders 1850 1850 Sweden

Lavalle Augustin1850 1900 Canada

Lankl Anton 1860 1860 Bohemia

LeNoble August 1862 1892 France

Lamy Alfred Jos.1866 1918 France

Lozange Auguste 1872 1872 Belgium

Linnmark Andreas1875 1875 Sweden

Lorenz Adolf 1880 1920 Germany

Lenk Anton 1880 1880 Bohemia

Liebl A. 1882 1925 Germany

Lambotte Albin 1884 1894 Belgium

Leman Anatol 1884 1912 Russia

Ludwig Albin 1890 1910 Germany

LancasterArthur 1890 1925 England

Liorni August 1895 1923 Italy

LeontievA. D. 1895 1925 Russia

Laviguetta Ant. 1900 1900 Italy

Lananni A. 1900 1920 USA

Lindberg August 1900 1900 Sweden

Lind Albert 1900 1923 USA

Lecchi Antonio 1900 1930 Italy

Lutz Anton 1900 1900 Bohemia

Lucca Antonio 1905 1923 Italy

LavezzariAntonio1910 1930 Italy

Lo Schiavo Ant. 1911 1911 Italy

Love Alfred 1912 1912 USA

Laurent Albert 1913 1924 Belgium

Loffler A. 1914 1914 Germany

Lang Alfred 1914 1928 Germany

Leonhardt Anton 1915 1915 Hungary

Lundstrom Axel 1915 1925 Sweden

Lipke A. 1915 1922 USA

Lanini Alfred 1916 1928 USA

Lamy Alfred 1918 1944 France

Livermore A. 1919 1919 USA

LaurentiAlfredo 1920 1966 Italy

Lockhart Arthur 1920 1980 USA

Lysiak Antoni 1920 1920 Poland

Lugert Anton 1920 1940 Germany

Linder Albert 1920 1925 USA

Leicht Albert 1920 1930 Germany

LoughtonAlfred 1920 1925 England

Lang Anton 1921 1921 Czechoslovakia

Lang Andreas 1921 1921 Czechoslovakia

Leicht Alfred 1923 1950 Germany

Lutz Anton 1925 1938 Bohemia

Lindgren August 1925 1925 Sweden

Lavenazzi Ant. 1925 1925 Italy

Lancinger Ant. 1925 1955 Czechoslovakia

Latour Armand 1925 1925 France

Lindahl Anders 1925 1925 Sweden

Lorenzi Antonio 1925 1925 Italy

Lotte Albert 1927 1927 France

Lavaud A. 1928 1928 France

Lederer Alfred 1928 1928 Germany

Lederer Arno 1928 1928 Germany

Loos Anton 1930 1930 Bohemia

Lorenz Albert 1930 1940 Germany

Lodin Anton 1930 1930 Sweden

Litto Albert 1935 1940 USA

Liljemark Allan 1940 1940 Sweden

Litto Albert 1940 1950 USA

LangonetAlfred 1945 1955 England

Lungo Alfredo 1949 1950 Italy

Louvet Alexandre1964 1774 France

Leis Alfred 1975 1990 USA

Lundin Arvid 1976 2001 USA

Lubold Anthony 1979 1999 USA

Lane Anthony 1982 2001 USA

Laber Andrea 1997 1997 Germany

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