Studio City Music Sales & Restoration
Studio City Music has one of the finest collections of violins, violas and cellos on the West Coast. They have instruments for both the amateur and the most avid professional, as well as an excellent bow assortment to compliment your instrument, from the old French masters to contemporary English, German and American makers. They are the sole importers of William Watson bows from London, England, and carry many modern makers' work from around the world. Several trips to Europe are made each year, purchasing new and used items at reasonable prices, so that they can pass on to you the best price and the finest merchandise.

Restoration has been the staple of the shop and the doors of Studio City Music have seen the finest musicians pass through it. Hans Benning was Jascha Heifetz's repairman for the last 10 years of his life. Painstakingly precise repairs were done both on his Guarnerius as well as his, and then later Sherry Kloss', Tononi violin. Restoration has always been carried out in the best possible way, always assuring the customer that the job would be done well the first time without evidence of repair. Heifetz's pleasure in Hans Benning's work was evidenced by Jascha Heifetz allowing Hans Benning to Handle all the donations and sales of his musical items at the time of his death. Fine restorations to instruments and bows as well as excellent set up and adjustment of instruments have satisfied many on the West Coast. Patient adjustment of your instrument is always of paramount importance, allowing the collaboration of both musicians needs and the instruments' well being to work in tandem

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